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NetZero VOIP

NetZero now offers computer based VoIP service similar to Skype. Computer-to-Computer calls are free. Computer-to-phone calls require a monthly fee.

Netzero Voice Unlimited gives you unlimited computer-to-phone minutes for 3 months free then $14.95/month plus tax.

NetZero VoIP works over dial-up and broadband connections. See more details below. Note that we also recommend other VoIP solutions (see table below).

NetZero Voice VoIP Information & Tips

NetZero Voice offers a computer based voice over internet protocol (VoIP) service similar Skype. The services come in two flavors: 1) free service that users can use to make computer-to-computer calls, and 2) a subscription service where through a paid service users can make computer-to-phone calls.


Netzero Voice supports all of the standard features that you're familiar with in a phone service. For example, users can get voicemail, caller ID, call-waiting, and call block.

Free VoIP Service

Users can call other NetZero Voice users absolutely free. This is a great service. We've used the service to keep in touch with our families while on travel. Families can keep in touch across the country this way. What a great way to save on long distance bill. The requirement is that both ends of the communication use the NetZero Voice software.

Use Any Type of Internet Connection. Note that most VoIP services work only on Broadband (Cable or DSL) internet connections. NetZero Voice can be used over Dial-up or Broadband internet connections. Again, this is great because you don't have to convice your family members to purchase expensive broadband connections if they're not ready to yet.

Voicemail Details

NetZero Voice provides voicemail service similar to the systems your used to with convention telephone systems. An added benefit: you can check your voicemails online. Again, this has been very useful for us when we're on travel.

NetZero Voice Calling Features

Netzero Voice comes with Caller ID, Call waiting, Call Block, Speed Dial, and Do Not Disturb.

Instant Messaging Features

Besides voice, Netzero Voice software also offers the facility of instant messaging to the subscribers.

Online Message Center Features. Netzero also offers a free email account and subscribers can have a unified both emails and voicemails can be accessed from the online message center

NetZero Voice Plans

Free Service
You get unlimited computer-to-computer minutes. This is great for families wanting to save on long distance bills.

Netzero Voice 100 - $3.95/mo + taxes
With this plan you get 100 minutes to place or receive calls to land lines and cell phones in US, Canada and PuertoRico. Additional minutes are charged at 2 cents per minute. Reasonable International rates are also available

You (your computer) get your own personal telephone number. Choose any U.S. area code for your telephone number - regardless of where you actually reside.

NetZero Voice Super 250 - $9.95/mo. + taxes
The Super 250 plan offers 250 outgoing minutes to U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico phone numbers from computer to phone. Incoming calls to the personalized phone number are free. Additional outgoing calls to US, Canada and Puerto Rico are 2 cents per minute. Again, reasonable International rates are available.

NetZero Voice Unlimited - $14.95/mo. + taxes
In addition to the features of the Super 250 plan, the unlimited plan offers unlimited computer to phone calls within US, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Some Other Details about NetZero VoIP

NetZero charges $1.95 per minute for technical support. This charge applies even during the free or trial period.

NetZero is giving 3 months free on all their VoIP plans. There's really no risk to try the service.

Compare VoIP Providers

The following table is a list of our top 3 recommend VoIP providers

Service Features Monthly Price
Caller ID, Caller ID Block
Call Waiting
3 Way calling
Find-Me-Follow-Me Service
Unlimited Computer-to-Computer Calls
3 Months Free!
As low as $9.95
Sign up Now
e911 Service
Caller ID, Caller ID Block
Call Waiting
Call Forwarding
Unlimited In-Network Calls
2 Months Free!
As low as $9.95
Sign up Now
Speed dialing
Caller ID
Call Waiting
Call Forwarding
Free Setup When you Order Online
As low as $19.95
Sign up Now


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